“Three kale lattes at the Veg and Hay cafe!

I really like that there is football and dinosaurs!” Eddie, Kidderminster

I really like the pictures in the book, and it is so cool that they are real guinea pigs!” Leo (his Mom said Leo was very happy they are real guinea pigs, and that they really go out for adventures!)

I received my copy of The Great Guinea Pig Adventures today and I am more than delighted with it. No little ones here to enjoy it but I am a child at heart. I love your work and cannot recommend it enough. It is full of amazing illustrations and a super story line. I particularly love the gig with ‘The Pigmus’ and the singer with feathers in his hair! I look forward to the next adventure.” Jonna, Wales

“I really like the book because I liked that the guinea pigs go on an adventure, especially when they rock out at the end! I want to go on an adventure with them too!” Ava, age 4

I absolutely love the book – exquistely drawn and great fun to read. Makes you smile the whole way through!” Alison, Birmingham

“The book has very good illustrations and good word choice. It has ambitious vocabulary, and lots of people would enjoy reading this wonderful book. I like the fact that Louise, Derek and Thelma go out and do all of the things they haven’t been able to do for ages. The fact that on the last page there is a cliffhanger makes the book very exciting. It also makes you want to read another book in the series and find out more. I recommend this book to lots of people over the world because it is very exciting and it is perfect for guinea pig lovers.” Erin, 8 years old.

“I think the book is amazing, and it will sell like kaboom!” Jessica, daughter of the wonderful vet who looks after the stars of the book.

“Brilliant book and beautifully illustrated. Lovely story of the three Guinea Pigs coming out of lockdown and what they get up to!” Netty, future mother in law and Grandparent to the Guinea pigs.

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